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Welcome to the Techferno Password Manager!

Built by a long-standing and highly respected web and digital marketing agency, Techferno is a password manager built specifically for agencies, IT firms, and any other company that needs to keep track of client passwords.  Other password managers are either not designed to organize passwords on behalf of clients, have questionable security, or have such a clunky interface and lackluster features that it defeats the purpose of using it. 

After years of wrestling with the lack of a proper solution to the problem of managing passwords, we embarked on a three-year journey to build something that not only addressed this problem head-on, but to turn a significant security problem into a pleasurable experience.  Through our innovative features, Techferno is the most powerful solution on the market to address this problem. 

Some of our most distinct and favorite features include:

Individual Record Access

Most password managers require that you organize passwords into “vaults.”  You then give access to users on a per-vault basis.  Of course, the immediate problem is that you end up giving far too much access to passwords that most users don’t need access to.  With Techferno, you can quickly and easily grant access on an individual basis to users and groups.  No more vaults.

Work Quickly

Most password managers are notoriously slow, and when you try to store thousands, or God forbid tens of thousands of passwords, other password managers become completely unusable.  This is part of the nature of cloud-hosted password management and is true even when you use desktop apps provided by these companies.  While we are also somewhat restricted by the inherent nature of the host-proof hosting security model that all password managers use, we have crafted a much better, faster solution.  Techferno can handle thousands of passwords with ease in full-encryption mode and tens of thousands of passwords in limited-encryption mode.  If you are a large agency/firm with thousands or tens of thousands of records, Techferno is your answer.

Sabotage Protection

A growing concern for any business today is employee sabotage.  This comes in many forms, including an employee stealing or deleting files on their way out the door.  Techferno was designed from the beginning to provide a foolproof layer of protection against sabotage.  Through our audit feature, you can generate a list of every password the user had access to so you can update those passwords.  Through our final delete feature, when an employee deletes a company record, and then empties their trash, the administrator still has to perform the final delete before it’s gone for good.  We also make it easy to export your data so you can generate your own backups and even provide permission controls on who can take ownership of a company record.  We dealt with the complexity of this, so you don’t have to.

Superior Interface

Designed by a 20 year UI/UX veteran, Techferno provides the easiest and fastest interface in the industry.  Single row tables allow your eyes to quickly scan information.  One-click access to add any type of new record and to nearly all functionality, including requesting access, searching, viewing and editing records, approving requests, and more, puts the functionality right at your fingertips.  A clear, clean interface with a virtually no learning curve means new users can onboard and start using Techferno immediately.

Powerful Permissions

Because we offer the most powerful method in the industry to set permissions, we had to come up with a simple and easy way to manage this power. That’s when we invented our highly praised permission sliders, with a complex set of algorithms behind the scenes that connect all the dots for you.  When you elevate access for a group, all the users in that group will have their permissions updated in real-time.  Setting and reviewing permissions has never been easier.

Strong Security

Last, but most certainly not least, is our security model.  While virtually all password managers use the same “host-proof hosting” model and the same PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256 with 100,000 iterations encryption, we’ve also implemented 2-factor authentication (2FA), Secure Remote Protocol (SRP6) so we never transmit your password, along with other security measures that we hold close to our chest.  Then we hired the best penetration testers in the world; an international team of industry famous, well-respected experts in the areas of cryptography, computer science, and network security to thoroughly test every aspect of Techferno.  Additionally, we continually test the security of Techferno on a regular basis and monitor our industry for any changes that would affect our security model.

We hope you enjoy Techferno as much as we do, and we welcome any input you may have.  If you haven’t already created a free account to see all of this in action, what are you waiting for?!  Start your free trial here.